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A Dentist You Can Trust

Preventative Dentistry

Looking for a dentist in Pittsburgh? At The Dentistry, we provide a full range of dental and orthodontic services, allowing you to address all of your dental needs under one roof. And because we can address so many of your needs, you can get the attention you need quickly. Your initial oral examination includes a visual examination, charting, periodontal probing, diagnosis and treatment recommendations. We will also take x-rays, which includes the panoramic x-ray for proper diagnosis of the anterior (front) and posterior (back) teeth as well as the bite-wing x-ray series for proper diagnosis of proximal decay of posterior teeth.

Are you suffering from sudden dental pain? Has your toothache finally become too severe to bear? It is important to address that mouth soreness immediately, because tooth discomfort can either be a symptom of a more serious problem, or it can lead to more severe damage. Waiting will only likely lead to a more serious condition and more expensive procedures.

How To Properly Brush Your Teeth

The best way to combat more serious conditions is through regular dental hygiene and check ups. Not only does dental hygiene affect your confidence, it prevents cavities and gingivitis. Regular check ups will allow our dentists to identify potential future issues and take proper measures to prevent them.

The key to dental health is preventative care. Our experienced dental hygienists can take care of the routine cleanings, x-rays, and deep cleanings that keep your smile bright and healthy. For those who normally struggle with x-rays due to a gag reflex, we even offer special gag-free x-rays.

Many problems can be prevented with at-home oral hygiene. Brushing at least two times a day with a with a fluoride toothpaste along with daily flossing can make cleanings far less painful, let alone prevent a number of dental conditions.

Fluoride treatments are typically associated with kids, but adults can benefit from fluoride treatments as well. Fluoride can help prevent or halt the onset of cavities.

Children's Dentistry

At The Dentistry, we understand that children need extra care when seeing a dentist. Plus, their teeth also require special treatments. Proper pediatric dental care begins with child cleanings. Cleanings can be traumatic for young kids, so our pediatric dentists and dental hygienists are specially trained to deal with young patients. Cleanings are essential in preventing more serious and more complicated dental problems. Plus, we offer the fluoride treatments that are essential for a lifetime of dental health. Sometimes kids do need dental repairs. We give your kids the same kind of special attention when we apply sealants, fillings, and crowns. At The Dentistry, we believe that proper dental care begins at childhood. Because we perform dental and orthodontic work all under one roof, we can also address child-specific orthodontic needs. Space maintainers are a common treatment for kids with growing mouths. Spacers allow new teeth the room they need to grow. They are also a money saver because they prevent the need for more extensive and expensive procedures down the road. They also can help prepare a kid for future wisdom teeth procedures. And, like all of our dental procedures, sedation dentistry is available, even for kids!

Oral Surgery

We specialize in both standard and more specialized procedures with a commitment to customer care. And, since we also perform sedation dentistry, every procedure can be tailored to those who are nervous at the dentist.

Fillings are a standard procedure that most people will require at some point in their lives. We offer both standard fillings and so-called white fillings, which are designed to match the color of your teeth. We offer amalgam restorations for those who have pre-existing fillings that need to be repaired. We also do composite restorations for those with pre-existing white fillings.

The majority of adults will need to have at least one wisdom tooth extracted. We take the same care with this common but painful procedure as we do with all of our dental work. We also perform standard extractions for teeth that cannot be repaired. We additionally offer bridge work, root canals, crowns, implants, dentures, and partials as needed. Lastly, we are capable of treating gum disease.

For active kids, we offer custom made mouth guards. Young teeth need to be protected, as even the best repairs cannot replace real teeth. Plus, sports-related dental injuries are completely avoidable. Regardless of the dental need, The Dentistry has you covered.

Cosmetic Dentistry

In addition to repairs and preventative care, we also offer the latest cosmetic techniques. Lumineers are thin applications that fit over your teeth without painful shots or harsh adhesives. Veneers are similar and made out of either porcelain or some other resin. Both help restore your smile and give you the confidence you need to take on your day. Dental bonding procedures apply a thin resin that is then “bonded” to the tooth using a special light. Like Lumineers and veneers, bonding restores your teeth to a sparkling white. Finally, we offer both in-office teeth whitening procedures and professional strength at-home teeth whitening techniques. Beyond whitening, we also offer ceramic crowns and bridges in order to cosmetically repair and replace broken or missing teeth. These procedures can also strengthen and stabilize damaged teeth, so that you can enjoy all of the foods that you have always loved. And, like all of our dental procedures, sedation options are available, so there is no excuse for not receiving dental care that you need.

Sedation Dentist

We also offer sedation dentistry for those who may be afraid of the dentist. By using gentle sedation, even the most anxious patients can make it through a routine cleaning or more involved procedure. And with six separate locations, in Irwin, Greentree, Natrona Heights, Monroeville, West Mifflin, and Wexford, there is a location convenient for you.

Oral Cancer Screening

We provide oral cancer screenings. A quick and painless screening can help detect the presence or oral cancers, including HPV. Considering the high risk of untreated oral cancers, these periodical screenings are essential for your health.

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