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Fixed Bridges

If you are missing only one or even multiple teeth a fixed bridge or bridge partial also known as a removable bridge could give you your smile and confidence back. Fixed bridges feel look and function just like natural teeth. This is a restoration that replaces or spans the space where one or more teeth have been lost. A fixed bridge is bonded or cemented into place so only a dentist can remove it.

Your appearance, dental health, and the proper functioning of your mouth are all important reasons for wearing a fixed bridge. It helps maintain the natural shape of your face and may help support your lips and cheeks, which keeps you looking and feeling young.

Removable Partial

As implied by the name, a removable partial (sometimes called a removable bridge) can be readily taken out of the mouth for cleaning. Removable bridges usually have replacement teeth attached to gum-colored plastic bases connected by metal framework. They may attach to your natural teeth with metal clasps or devices called precision attachments. A clasp-less removable bridge, when indicated, may provide better support and aesthetics. Crowns on your natural teeth may improve the way a removable bridge fits your mouth. Ask your dentist which type is right for you. When you need a complete smile again, give us a call and schedule an appointment. Please contact one of our offices in Irwin, Greentree, West Mifflin or Pleasant Hills, PA!